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Appetizer and Dinner

Recipe Ideas…..

Making flatbreads or homemade pizzas at home as never been this easy. Whether you are using your homemade or favorite fresh dough, or a pre-baked crust, these pizza ideas will keep you cooking at home for all your entertaining needs.
  • Items you may need…
  • pizza dough/crust
  • parm, mozzarella, fresh mozz, goat cheese
  • onions, peppers, banana pepper rings, basil
  • chicken, steak, balsamic glaze
  • Andy’s Tapas  Sun Dried Tomato Oil!

Step 1

Roll out dough and place on pizza tin, or use pre made crust, pre heat oven to 500 degrees

Step 2

Grill and cook your meats and veggies.

Step 3

Assemble your flatbread or pizza.  

Dough down, then spread Andy’s Tapas Sun Dried Tomato oil over crust, just like you would pizza sauce. Top with cheese, meat, veggies and more cheese!

Step 4

Place in oven and bake til perfection.  For fresh dough 15-20 mins.  For pre-made crusts, 8-10 mins or until toppings and crust are heated through.

Step 5

Remove flatbread/pizza from oven and place on cutting board. Let rest 3-5 mins.  Cut in serving size slices to your desire, garnish with fresh chopped basil and balsamic glaze, or use your favoite garnishes!