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Andy’s cooking career started in his hometown of Hamburg, NY at Hoak’s Lakeshore Restaurant. After many years at Hoak’s, he decided to take on a new role.

It was in 2012 that Andy created Ru’s Pieriogi. Ru’s evolved into a factory, restaurant and food truck. Ru’s distributed pierogi throughout Western New York to multiple restaurants and varius retail markets.

In 2017 Andy joined the Independent Health Foundation, particularly in their Healthy Options program. The goal of the program is to provide easy affordable access to healthy food choices. Chef Andy continues to do several healthy options cooking classes.

In 2018, Andy consulted in the opening of Alchemy Wine and Beer in the village of Hamburg and constructed a tapas style menu.

In 2019, his success in consulting led him to Resurgence Brewery on Chicago Street in South Buffalo. There he oversaw the construction of the menu and trained the kitchen staff.

Andy’s most recent venture was starting Andy’s Tapas Oils and Sauces in 2020. His first very successful product, Sun Dried Tomato Pesto, can be found at local restaurants, pizzerias, and stores, along with his Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Sauce.

Andy continues his passion for cooking through teaching hands on cooking classes at the Artisan Culinary Loft. 

All his experience in the food industry still comes down to one main goal, making people happy. He hopes to continue to do so through his cooking and consulting!

Andy currently lives in Hamburg, N.Y. with his wife and 4 children.  

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